To achieve academic excellence at par with global standards.


  To impart high quality technical education that nurtures the spirit of inquiry.
  To foster technological innovation.
  To give a fillip to all round personality development.
  To implant ethical and social commitment that grooms the students to become responsible citizens.


  To enhance capacity development in the institution.
  Attaining excellence in teaching - faculties and methodologies.
  Improving competency of staff and student.
  Enhancing institution industry collaboration.
  Strengthening academic reforms in the institution.
  To nurture the holistic development of students community.
  To impart quality oriented teaching pedagogies in enriching young minds.

Quality Policy

  To inculcate the values of DISCIPLINE, DEDICATION and DUTY and inspire the young students to imbibe them scrupulously.
  To standardize and document every activity as per stipulated quality policy.
  To pave way for sustainable knowledge based education to replace the ubiquitous examination oriented education.
  To develop compassion to fellow citizens.