The department ensures students and staff of Ewit to be active, Healthy, Fit and Enlightened, individual by offering and academically sound sports, fitness and healthy programmes, it educates and train students as well as staff for physical fitness, Healthy and quality life through physical activity and healthy lifestyle. The college has outdoor facilities like 200m standard track, cricket and football field, throw ball court. The indoor facilities like table tennis, chess, carom, badminton court and gymnasium.

The department participated in all VTU and other sports activities conducted in the state level tournament, also produce 20 universities blues.

The department has also organized state level tournaments like kabaddi, volleyball, table tennis and also organized VTU intercollegiate zonal level football, throw ball, netball tournaments, during the year 2010-2016.


As education being the instrumental weapon and the only device that grooms the lives of students with all-round development along with sports activities, to reinforce the capacities of the zealous thinkers of EWIT, as tomorrow's ambassadors.

At this moment, I truly feel proud that East West Institute of Technology, which explores the academic Flash News of the Institution as well as the academic contributions of faculty members and student community.

This would certainly be a guiding light to every aspiring mind to construct their life to the fullest in learning and achieving their dreams. I wish every student and staff to utilize this opportunity of publishing their matchless contribution and achievements to inspire others to dream big and reach their chosen goal.

Sports Inspiration

  Standard playfields and grounds are well laid and maintained in the campus for playing games such as Cricket, Football and Volleyball.

  Facilities for a few indoor games are also available.

  A multi-gym has been added for the benefit of those who want to stay fit.

  EWIT conducts each year open tournaments in a few games.


“To prepare and design student mentally physically fit in order to culminate their chosen dreams, physical education plays a major goal”.


“To develop and inculcate suitable degree of knowledge and altitude among students, physical education boosts and develops manpower at a larger scope”.

Sports Teams – Current Semester

  • Our College NETBALL, BADMINTON and HANDBALL student won 1st place in Bangalore division Dasara tournament n qualify for Mysore Dasara tournament from 20th to 24th October 2018.
  • EWIT Throwball Team Secured Winners Position in Central Zone VTU Inter College Tournament held at EWIT Campus.
  • EWIT Netball Team Secured Runner Up Position in DASARA Tournament Held At Mysore.
  • EWIT NETBALL Team Secured RUNNER Up Position In Single Zone VTU Inter College Tournament Held At GAT Bangalore.
  • Our College Student Keerthana HR select the VTU Skating Team And Participate In ALL INDIA INTER UNIVERSITY Tournament Held at Punjab University and Secured 2 Silver Medal and 1 Bronze In The Tournament And Also SELECTED FOR INDIAN UNIVERSITY TEAM.
  • BGS CUP, Our College Basketball Team Secured 3rd Place In Inter Collegiate Basketball Tournament Held At Dr. Raj Kumar Basketball Club..from 13th to 17th 2018.
  • Our College Student Secured Runner Up Position In Kreedotsava Throwball Tournament Held at BMSCE College 2K18

Sports Teams – Inter College

  • kabaddi
    Our College Kabaddi Team Secured 1st Place in RNSIT College And Also Secured 2nd Place in Dr. AIT Inter College at Kabaddi Tournament 2018.
  • Our College Throwball Men Team Secured 2nd Place In Inter Collegiate Throwball Tournament Held At AMC College.
  • CHANDIGARH:Punjab University 10 Federal Sport Club – Netball Championship Cub, Women Team Won Sliver And Men Team Won Bronze, Karnataka Team.
  • Our College THROWBALL Women Teams Has Secured The WINNERS Positions In The VTU Inter College Tournament.Organized by GLOBAL College., Bangalore,
  • Our College THROWBALL MEN Teams Has Secured The RUNNER Positions In The VTU Intercollege Tournament Organized By BNMIT, Bangalore.
  • EWIT THROWBALL MEN Team Secured 1st Place in KREEDOSTAV Sports Fest Held At BMSCE, Bangalore.
  • "Winners Tropy" - KREEDOSTAV Sports Fest

Sports Teams – Inter College 2

  • EWIT THROWBALL MEN TEAM SECURED 1st Place In Inter College Tournament Held At CMRIT- SPARDHA 18.
  • EWIT THROWBALL MEN TEAM - Inter College Tournament Held At CMRIT- SPARDHA 18.
  • Winners of Inter College PRANATHI 2K18 THROWBALL Tournament Held At Jyothy Institute Of Technology.
  • Our College KABADDI Men Team Secured RUNNER Up In INFINI 2K18 Held At PES University,
  • Our College THROWBALL Women Team Secured RUNNER Up In INFINI 2K18 Held At PES University,
  • Our College Student Yadhu Nadan D (5th Sem ME) Won Gold Medal in DASARA Fencing Tournament held at Mysore.
  • Sheethal Gowda K (1st year MBA ) Secured RUNNERS Up Position in DASARA Netball TOURNAMENT Held At MYSORE

Sports Teams – Dasara CM CUP 2K18

  • Our College Netball Team Secured 1st place in DASARA CM CUP 2K18 held at chamundi vihar stadium Mysore.
  • EWIT THROWBALL Women Team Secured 1st Place in KALANJALI 2K18 HELD AT SIR MVIT.
  • Department of Civil Engineering Congratulates Mr. Harshith.S, Alumni, CE, EWIT for being awarded the most prestigious “Ekalavya Award” by the Government of Karnataka.

EWIT Annual Athletic Meet 2018

EWIT Meet 2018 – Inter College Event

  • EWIT girls netball team secured 2nd Place in VTU - Inter Collegiate Single Zone Netball Tournament Held at KNIT Bangalore
  • EWIT netball girsl team secured 2nd Place in VTU - Inter Collegiate Single Zone Netball Tournament Held at KNIT, with Sport Team
  • EWIT college student Sheethal Gowda K (1st year MBA ) secured Bronze Medal in 5K WALKING RACE in 21st VTU Athletic Meet held @ SJCIT Chikabalpur.
  • EWIT TEAM Participated in 21st VTU Athletic Meet held @ SJCIT Chikabalpur.

EWIT has Organised Inter College Football Match (Nepali’s)

  • BTI COLLEGE Secured WINNERS up position in inter Collegiate Nepali football tournament held at EWGI ground...from 7th to 8th NOV 2K18

National Level Athletic Championship - 2016

Harshith Shashidhar is a young inspiring international athlete from Bangalore. He studying final year B.E civil in East West institute of technology. Harshith at the age of 17 year set a junior national record of 2.17 m and by clearing 2.17 m he was the first person in India to qualify to for the world junior athletic championships held in Barcelona, Spain in the year 2012, in Barcelona he secured 10 place by clearing 2.10 m .He also represented Indian in various other competition s like Asia junior championships and Lusofonia games.In Lusofonia he secured 1 st place by clearing 2.13 m .He was the senior national champion for the year 2014 and 2015 by securing gold medal in national competition in 2016 held at Chennai. Harshith also hold the state senior record by clearing 2.20m and that is his personal best.


  • Create the right environment
  • Cultivate team work
  • Build trust
  • Teach the benefits of team spirit



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