Our system of education is not directly concerned with changing the political and economic conditions which are responsible for the war but it is our duty to propagate right ideals. If men make history, ideals make men. What is our objective with regard to the training of youth? We are to prepare them for good virtues life. We send young men to colleges, to enrich their knowledge. Will our systems of education be based on ideals that help us to create a new and better order of society?

Humankind sees in education as an indispensable asset in its attempts to attain the ideals of peace, freedom and social justice and as an instrument for reducing poverty, exclusion, ignorance and oppression. Education policies are being pushed to the bottom line of the agenda for economic and financial reasons.

It is the aim of education to train us to apprehend the eternal values, to appreciate the supreme human virtues and the simple decencies of life. We must be educated not for the cruelty and power but for love and kindness. We must develop the freshness of feeling for nature, the sensitiveness of soul to human need. We must foster the freedom of the mind, the humanity of the heart, the integrity of the individual. We can achieve it only if we plan our education properly and strive to eliminate the sources of iniquities and injustice.

University men who are expected to cherish ideals of a better life for mankind are active in producing destructive and deadly weapons of war. Our libraries and laboratories, our institutes of technical research are utilized for the same purpose. All forces of science and culture are used for the one terrible and tragic end. This appalling condition of the contemporary world, this failure of man is not the decree of fate; it is the work of man. It is not destiny, but dastardly crime.