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Department of Civil Engineering




About Civil Department:

Civil Engineering Department was started with intake strength of 60 students in the academic year 2008. Intake was enhanced to 90 in the next academic year. Post graduate program in Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering was started in the academic year 2010. The department is having nine different laboratories. The department is equipped with advanced and sophisticated equipments like Total Station, 400KN and 1000KN Universal Testing Machine, 2000KN compression testing machine, triaxial and consolidation testing units. Computer lab is having licensed softwares   like NISA civil, Autocad education etc. which the students can use for analysis, design & drawing of structures. Civil Engineering Association has been established so that the students can take part in these association activities and enrich their technical knowledge and also improve their confidence level through addressing, gathering, group discussions.



The Mission of Civil Engineering Department is to produce outstanding Civil Engineering graduates with highest ethics. The department aims in imparting strong basic and applied research for National needs to serve industry, profession and community through novel solutions



The Vision of the department is to become a leading centre of excellence in Civil Engineering education which will be highly recognized at national and international levels as well as contributing to the technology for the sustainable development of the society



1. Building up of competitive and creative Engineers through imparting high quality Civil Engineering education

2. The department develops conducive educational environment for the aspiring research scholars to persue research

    at their full potential.

3. To become an effective source of Engineering expertise for providing know-how and engineering services through

    various R& D projects, consultancy for industrial sector , Governmental organization and the general community.

4. To train the Engineering graduates such that high success rate is achieved in capacity building


Objectives of the Department:

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering discipline extending across many technical specialties. The career options in this discipline include planning, designing and supervising the construction activities which are required for providing essentials to modern life. The scope of this discipline includes buildings, bridges, water supply and waste water treatment, irrigation and hydrology, marine structures, tunnels, highways, airports, space satellite and launching facilities – each vary widely in nature and size to create infrastructure requirement for the need of the society. Experts from different parts of the state have prepared the curriculum, which is taught in the course is well planned and provides knowledge in diversified areas such as structural engineering, surveying, geotechnical engineering, water resources and environmental engineering, transportation engineering, ocean and coastal engineering and construction engineering etc. A graduate from this discipline can become an entrepreneur or serve Government/ Private agency/ R&D organization to serve the nation.


Latest News and Events

Latest News and Events

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