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Late.Sri C.M Nagaraj
Founder Chairman
chairman I am consciously aware that in the State of Karnataka there are more than 100 Engineering Colleges operating under the single banner of Visvesvaraya Technological University(VTU). More than half the numbers are situated in and around Bangalore, the IT hub of the country. And, majority of these colleges are fairly young and are aspiring to reach the top of the table to attract the best brains at the admission stage.

East West Institute of Technology is one of my prime dream projects. I know if it has to sustain the competition and stand at the top of the table it should be possible only through the super quality infra-structure, highly qualified and dedicated teachers and an administration giving top priority to discipline.
I am not compromising on any among these. I know it requires awesome attention, energy, finance and vision on my part. I am being practical and liberal. My two young sons, Mr. C.N. Ravikiran and Mr. C.N. Shashikiran, who are respectively the Secretary and Joint Secretary, share my thoughts and vision and have been enthusiastically l ending me their helping hand, with no strings attached. Our capable, highly qualified and experienced principal, Dr K Chennakeshavulu, who also excels in administrative matters, is ably shouldering the academic affairs of the institute. I have no hesitation whatsoever to provide the best of everything to the staff, students and faculty members of the Institute. I want to be the contributor and I want EWIT to be the achiever


Latest News and Events

Latest News and Events

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