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Department of Computer Science and Engineering


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(Computer science & ENgineering Students Associations)




  • To expound Competencies of students with goodvalue system.


  • To face the challenges of continuous changing world.

I.About the forum

  • CENSA herein referred as the department forum and is a platform created to strengthen the knowledge of the student community in this institution.
  • CENSA also aims at improving the verbal and nonverbal skills of among the students and faculties.
  • All the faculty members of CSE department are also the members of  forum.
  • All the students of computer science engineering from 3rdsem onwards will be a member of this forum by default.
  • This forum is exclusively for computer science branch only, however any support, guidance, mutually beneficial activities with the other departments/forum is well encouraged.
  • The forum would be used to all the activities for the betterment of the student.


  • Establish Center for Training Rural Youth in IT
  • To start Technical NGO under the department for the goodness and welfare of society.
  • Providing high quality in teaching and learning standards.
  • To improve performance of students using innovative and creative methods                  
  • Emphasis on Awareness of Entrepreneurship development skills.
  • To conduct faculty development programmes regularly for skill up-gradation.
  • To encourage research activities
  • Work in close cooperation and collaboration with industry and professional bodies.
  • To have more number of publications and patents in the emerging areas of information technology.
  • To take up sponsored projects from private and government organizations.
  • Acquire greater external funding for research, scholarships and equipments
  • To be among top ten leading institutes in India and abroad and be recognized as the best department in terms of research and innovation.
  • To conduct continuing education programs and workshops/conferences for knowledge sharing with outside world.



          In support of its goals and mission, the association objectives are to graduate students who will:

  • Achieve professional success due to their mastery of computer science theory and practice.
  • Become leaders in academia and society due to a broad preparation in science & engineering, communication, teamwork and social issues.
  • Pursue life-long learning and continuing professional development.
  • Use their understanding of the impact of technology on society for the benefit of human kind.
  • Appropriate, occasional innovation of our curriculum so it incorporates ever-changing Computer Science technology.




          Based on the educational objectives, the specific educational outcomes of association are that by the time of graduation Computer Science majors will have achieved.

  • An understanding of programming language concepts
  • Knowledge of computer operating system and computer organization
  • An understanding of the foundations of computer science
  • An understanding of human – computer interaction
  • Knowledge of advanced computer science topics
  • An understanding of mathematics appropriate for computer science
  • Knowledge of probability and statistics
  • An understanding of scientific principles
  • An understanding of professional ethics
  • An understanding of the links between technology and society
  • An ability to participate effectively in a class or project team
  • An ability to communicate effectively in speech & writing


V.Working of the forum:

  • The representatives of the forum along with the faculty incharge will have a meeting every week to discuss about the Forum activities and financial Aspects.
  • The forum is exclusively funded by  the membership fee collected from the members of Forum.
  • The membership fee  for year 2012-13 according to  year wise is as follows..


    2nd year à  Rs 600/-

    3rd Year à Rs 400/-

    4th Year à Rs 200/-

Faculty of CSE department will contribute Rs. 500/-  each year.

  • The amount collected is just once as the students enter to brach i,e in 2nd year.

VI. Activities of the forum:

               i) Aptitude test

               ii) Technical Test

              iii) ClassRoom decoration

               iv) Poster Making

                v) Puzzle solving

               vi) Resume making.  

              vii) Paper presentation on Recent Trends.

       2. Organize national seminar/Conferences and symposiums.

       3. Department conducts  cultural fest and farewell in even semester.

VII.Representatives selection:

  • The representative members will be selected in a fair manner by the Hod every year.
  • The students participation and interest in each  of the activity organized by forum would be considered as the main factor during the selection process.
  • There is always room for change of the representatives if it is found necessary by the Hod & faculty members.
  • The student leadership structure will be dissolved each year and a fresh structure will be formed.

VIII.Scope of improvement:

  • All suggestions /comments , feedback etc. for the betterment of the forum is always welcome.
  • The members can drop in their ideas in the dropbox placed in the department
  • Misconception/difference of opinion in any matter regarding the forum would be directly addressed by the hod and His/Her decision will be final and binding
  • Code of conduct and behaviour: any misbehaviour by any member will be considered severe and appropriate action will be taken
  • The rules of this forum would be periodically reviewed and amended if necessary after the consent of the members and Hod.



Latest News and Events

Latest News and Events

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