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Department of MBA



Research & Development Centre



   v Our vision is to develop research and creative activities so that we become a leader among private colleges and universities in the state and in the region.

                   Our aim is to plug into the wide potential among faculty members, scholars to engage in research, and to gain new insights and innovative ways of solving

                   old &  new problems with new-fangled strategies.


       To promote, develop and cultivate a research culture among faculty members & students research & services sustainability within the research community

  v To maintain a collegial, supportive, and diverse environment that encourages our students, faculty members to carry out research to the best of their abilities.

  v To enhance quality research skills among the PhD scholars

  v Developing financial resources that support and enhance the research environment.



  v Furthering academic knowledge by assimilating field experience

  v Offering the potentials of interactive disciplines in solving planning or building tasks.

  v Offering faculty members/scholars/students an opportunity to learn from real life situations.

  v Publishing research findings for furthering understanding, adding to existing knowledge and practice.

  v Developing teaching materials to make available such research to wider users.


Latest News and Events

Latest News and Events

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