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Department of Mechanical Engineering



The workshop imports training in basic skills like fitting, sheet metal, welding.....etc. Workshop thum
Fluid Mechanics Lab

It has variety of experiments like flow measuring devices venturimetes, weirs, Notches orifice meters and couple of equipments for flow study techniques for estimating losses in pipes. Study of impact of jets over vanes. Water turbine like Pelton wheel and Kaplan turbine, centrifugal pumps. Multistage Compressors and other equipments.

Fluid Mechanics thum
HMT lab
HMT lab includes estimation of heat conduction in composite wall. Natural convection, forced convenction. Parallel and counter flow heat exchanger, thermal conductivity of metal rod, Emmisivity apparatus. Vapors compression refrigeration system. Stefan Boltzmann apparatus and pin-fin apparatus. Thermal conductivity of metal rod. hmt thum
C.A.M.A. Lab
State of art Lab is in gradual state of development for the budding and future Mechanical engineering in EWIT as "computer aided modeling and analysis lab ".More than 30 computers have been installed with latest ANSYS 13 version software for carrying out variety of analysis problems to have an important much needed exposure to outer technical world. C.A.M thum
Design Lab
Strength, life, durability are the prominent words in the design field. A prominent little bit knowledge of design of machine components will be provided through experiments like vibration equipments. Continuous shaft system, governors, photo-elasticity experimental set up etc. importance is given for the overall aspects of cost life of equipments from the design points of view in the current lab. Design Lab thum
Energy conversion lab

Conversion of energy from one form to other is chemical to mechanical energy. First we will determine the properties of fluid such as flash and fire points using Abeles cleave land and pensky master apparatus for Viscosity determination useing say bolt and red wood viscometer.

For calorific value a gaseous fuel using boy's calorimeter.To calculate brake power specific fuel consumption using Four stroke diesel and two stoke Petrol engine. Multi cylinder four stroke petrol engine is using to find indicated power,variable compression is also find using variable compression ratios.

Energy conversion thum
Foundry and forging
Materials being the basic for production and manufacturing need to be heatd to bring them to desired shape and size. Foundry and technology arte the most primitive techniques to bring material to required shape and size.
casting is a technique where material is treated above its melting points to bring it to molten state and poured in to mould of the required shape.
Forging is a process of heating the material to a temperature above recrystallization but below its melting temperature. With the application of pressure material formed to required shape.
Foundry & forging thum
Microcontroller Lab
The Microcontrollers 8051 Lab curriculum includes both software and interfacing modules. The objective of the lab with respect to software module is to understand the types of data transfer, to perform arithmetic and logical operations, branch and subroutines, Bit Addressability. This is executed by making use of Keil MicroVision Simulator. Interfacing Modules such as Dual DAC, Hex Key pad, Elevator, Calculator, Temperature Controller and Speed Control of Stepper and DC motors are programmed making use of four I/O Ports which are integral part of 8051.
Mechanical measurements and Metrology lab [10MEL47B]

In any engineering industry it is necessary to calibrate the any equipment with reference to a standard mode. In this connection the mechanical the measurement lab is equipped with to calibrate pressure gauge, LVDT, thermocouple, measurement of youg's modulus and load cell.

In the same passion, it is necessary to measure various variable in an engineering industry without comparing with a standard equipment like to measure surface roughness, gear tooth parameter, measurement of tapered angle, measurement of acute angle using bevel protractor and autocallimater and measure various gear tooth parameters using gear tooth various and profile projector.

To check the accuracy of veriner calipers, micrometer using standard set of slip gauges.

Mechanica measurements & Metrology thum
Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation Lab

CIM is the integration of total manufacturing enterprise through the use of integrated system and data communication coupled with new managerial philosophies that improve organizational and personal efficiency .CIM improves operational control, short sum responsiveness, long sum accommodations. It reduce inventory and increases machine Utilization.

In CIM Lab CNC past programming is written for turning, drilling and milling operations and simulation of the same is carried out using 'EDGECAM' software. Students are briefed about programming of automatic storage and retrieval system, simple robot programming, pneumatics and




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